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Hardware design

March 17th 2014
www.geda-project.orgThe gEDA project offers a couple tools, which assist in electronic design. There is gschem to enter schematics, pcb to design a printed circuit board. As gEDA is a free and open source project, it lives from contributing. My symbols and footprints can be found in the download area.
www.freerouting.netgEDAs own autorouter is not good enough to produce good results. With there is a slow, but superb autorouter available. pcb has to be patched to export and import spectra session files which were used with
www.pcb-pool.deProfessional manufactured Printed Circuit Boards.

Software Davisons homepage about his fantastic EhBASIC 68k. Here you find the original sources. (Original link dead)
Thank you, Lee! assembler for Unix/Linux
This assembler is used to assemble the source code of EhBASIC. of the GNU compiler suite GCC of Redhats standard C library Newlib FAT16/32 filesystem library. Designed for embedded systems with small memory footprint. Lightweight TCP/IP stack (lwip). Designed for embedded systems.


S-Polytec PolymertechnologieThe case has been built from 4mm ABS plastic sheets from here.
DruckeronkelThis shop produces custom made waterslide decals. I used silver metallic decals for the labels.
Altmann GmbH & CO. KGA very good local body painter. They were very patient in painting, labeling and clear painting.