Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.

(Steve Wozniak)

Kiwi Homebrew Computer Kit

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Kiwi Homebrew Computer Kit

The PCB comes pre-soldered with all SMT parts and all necessary parts except the SIDs and the RAM.

In addition you need:
- one 4MB 30-Pol SIMM RAM
- one Power Supply with 5V and 12V
- two SIDs (6581, 8580 or Nano SwinSID)
- one PS/2 keyboard, as well as a mouse
- one (P)ATA harddisk or CF-Card inclusive cable and an adapter if necessary

There is no manual yet. Please use the Kiwi forum if you need help.

This kit is not suited for beginners! It is assumed that you have electronic knowledge, soldering tools and measurement equipment available.

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