Basic and ROM improvements

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Basic and ROM improvements

Postby simon » Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:34 am

I lost a bit motivation for reworking the hardware and did more programming lately. Thus there is a new Basic version which supports IDE master and slave, a copy command and a new boot ROM. Latter is able to boot from an external CompactFlash card if available or boot from internat 2.5 inch harddrive if no CF card is available (or doesn't have a "kernel.sys" in it's root directory). The ROM needs some more improvents though. I like to add booting from floppy disk, add a nice boot splash (mainly to gain some time for the harddrive to spin up after power-on).

In addition I wrote a Makefile to automate the manual passes for building a kernel.sys. Now a simple make is enough to assemble EhBASIC, to compile the FAT library and join both for a working Basic. :)